desire_mini_me (desire_mini_me) wrote in 0h_perfection,

boy food??

you know how when you meet someone new (or when you start getting closer to someone you know)  it takes away the need for eating?? 

maybe its just me, its just i found in the past three days al ive eaten was 1 apple juice and one weetbix with milk and havnt been hungry, i havnt had to force myself not to eat cos the desire isnt there.

its not like your trying to impress that person so much you dont want to eat its just like, they are your substitute for food!

does anyone else get this?? i hope it lasts for a while till i can get seriously back on track!! i got some photos ill post tonight probly, some of my progress and some beautiful thinspo ones,

please talk, let me know how you figure on this situation


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