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we will be perfection

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**this comm. is for anorexics, bulimics, and ednos's ONLY.**

*if you would like to become a member E-mail the fallowing to me*



*1. Name:
LJ Name:
2. Age:
3. Location:
4. Gender:
5. Height:
6. Current Weight:
7. Highest weight:
8. Lowest weight:
9. Short term goal with a date:
10. Long term goal with a date:
11. What ED do you have:
12. How long have you had this ED:
13. Do people catch on that you have an ED:
14. post at least ONE (1) full body shot and ONE (2) 3/4ths shot.
* Full Body can be clothed or semi-nude
* 3/4ths = skin meaning bra or something on of the 3/4ths is front waist and up and the other is a side view
*if you don’t know how to do this let me know before you post this and I will explain
15. What is your AIM/AOL screen name:
16. How did your ED come to be:
17. Have you been in recovery or hospitalized:
18. What is unique about you:
19. Anything else you want to add:

* if your journal is friends only please add the Administrator, once you have been accepted you can take me off if you want.

~ Respect the MEMBERS and the MOD/ADMIN ~ if you don't you know what happens
~ Do not post nasty/mean/hurtful comments or entries that just pisses me off and you will be banned Automatically!
~ Support one another that is what you are here for?!
~ This is YOUR comm. let me know if you have suggestions or don't like Something
~ You don't have to LJ Cut long entries but it would be nice
~ LJ Cut ALL Pics


its not that hard to get in all you have to do is apply, what do you have to lose?

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