dakota_domino (dakota_domino) wrote in 0h_perfection,

Haven't updated in a while.
The only thing new about me is I've started doing speed.
My boyfriend knows, I kind of forced myself to tell him, and although he's not happy about it, he's dealing with it the best he can.
I'm still drinking. More than I used too.
That's the biggest calorie intake I have, is what's in my rum.
But I can't help it if I'm an alco.

I'm in great need of a detox, but I want to do a safe one.
What do you do when you do a detox???

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my detoxes= 3 days. 1st day only eating raw fruits and veggies. next days i eat nothing. i drink detox tea everyday of the fast.
detox tea?
what is that???
go to your local head shop and just buy detox there. or go to a supermarket and get detox pills. they work great!