dakota_domino (dakota_domino) wrote in 0h_perfection,

A few questions;

how many cals per how many saltine crackers?
are saltines a good thing to munch on through out the day?
what's a good thing to go with saltines?
and what do any of you think about arrowroot bisquits for babies? (30 cals each i believe)
and how do y'all feel about ginger herbal tea? (10 cals)

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60 cals in 5 fat free saltines...sux, hunh?
broth is great, vegetable, chicken, beef and there are flavored ones...1 cup equals 15 cals! romaine hearts lettuce 2 cups = 20 cals...sugar free jello 1/2 cup = 10 cals, munch stuff eat negative cals...celery, carrots, stuff that won't add up and u won't be hungry or fat, and your digestive system doesn't get f'ed up cuz its fiber...and always i drink lots of hot tea, all kinds, but of course green tea, theres a mongo green tea which i love! good luck! u can do it!!!!
saltines- the packs at burger king have 15. i think there's 2 or 3 in them. i forget. but the reduced sodium ones are a lot less. i like diet pepsi/coke/ginger ale with them.
try green tea. it's good without adding anything...and if you don't add anything...there are no calories. how awesome is that?!
and broccoli are the best to munch on.
end of story.
green tea has 0 cal if i'm not mistaken.